Wagona Maths is a subscription website specifically designed to provide teachers with actionable insights or “intelligence” so that they can teach smarter. It provides a fully interactive online learning resource that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from school or from home. Aptly called “Wagona Maths” which means you have mastered mathematics, the platform is highly effective as a resource for students who are perceived to have particular difficulties in maths and require “intervention” to ensure success or as a supplement to classroom teaching.

Wagona Maths is multi-syllabi, covering all the requirements of IGCSE, New GCSE (9-1), ZIMSEC and many more curriculums. This allows students to enter at any point and move freely, forwards or backwards in the program, as their knowledge and ability is established.

What Sets Us Apart?

There are many factors that set us apart from other E-learning platform providers and from the traditional classroom setting. Among these are our BRAG System and Mathematics Diagnostic Tool. The BRAG System is our very own creation that gives real time data on every child’s performance and tracks progress, highlighting areas of concern. The Mathematics Diagnostic Tool is Wagona Maths’ assessment tool that identifies the weaknesses and strengths of every student. Using these tools, Wagona Maths is able to prescribe the right ways to resolve the areas of weakness whilst at the same time consolidating strong ones.

Merging Technology and Education

Wagona Maths is an excellent accompaniment and complement to the conventional class set-up. It is a powerful tool to build on what is being taught in school. Our core philosophy is that, given the proper environment, every child is capable of learning and getting good results in maths. On this principle, we have built the ultimate focused learning environment, free of distractions and packed with meaningful challenges: a place where every moment is spent learning. Best of all, thanks to Wagona’s tracking tools, you will never miss a second of your students' exciting learning journey. We can give you information that matters, i.e exactly which questions your students struggled with, how they are progressing over time and how much knowledge they have genuinely understood and retained.

Wagona maths offers learning tools for students as well as comprehensive management and reporting tools for head teachers/administrators, teachers and parents.

Head Teachers

Think of our administrator account as your school's Wagona Maths control desk. The account can be used for managing teacher and student access to Wagona Maths, as well as for monitoring usage throughout the school year. Our admin account also offers a wide range of reporting tools such as markbooks and individual student reports. We offer detailed reports covering areas like performance, improvement and curriculum mastery. You can view information at the school, year, classroom or individual level.

As a Head Teacher, Wagona Maths enables you to…

  • Differentiate learning with a truly personalised learning journey for every student
  • Access full visibility on the progress and attainment in maths at a school, class and student levels
  • Give your teachers access to robust curriculum-aligned teaching, planning and reporting tools, allowing them to concentrate on delivering good results
  • Real-time attainment and progress reports for your school data requirements from the Ministry
  • Use innovative technology provided by Wagona Maths to give every child the individual attention they deserve in order to fulfil their potential.
  • Activate and de-activate any sub-account for various reasons including non-payment of subscriptions

As a teacher, Wagona Maths enables you to…

  • Deliver differentiated learning for every student, in a fun and engaging way
  • Access real-time mark books/reports on each student’s progress, ability and usage
  • Support students in revision and exam preparation with powerful whole-class, group and one-to-one teaching tools
  • Wagona Maths reports are not just about numbers. They encapsulate the performance of your class as a whole and of every student, enabling you to provide individualised and perfectly tailored lesson plans. They provide you with insight into their effort, improvement over time and trouble spots.
With an individual account for every child, your students can progress in maths wherever they are – in the classroom, at home or anywhere with access to the internet. It’s just like having a teaching assistant for every child in class and a personal tutor for every child at home.
  • Student answers are marked automatically and immediately, providing instant feedback to students, teachers and parents.
  • The platform isolates topics and areas that the student is struggling with, thereby creating opportunities for individualised learning.
  • Multiple choice questions are designed to capture misconceptions, with relevant tutorials embedded to address them.

The teacher can get a summary view of student performance in all his/her classes, as well as dynamic class average percentages.

Don’t work harder, work smarter with Wagona Maths.