We have tons to BRAG about!

Ever thought of the easiest way to monitor each of your student performance?

We have! BRAG which stands for Black, Red, Amber and Green, is our own toll to measure students' strengths and weaknesses using

The brainchild of 30 years worth of teaching experience BRAG efficiently tells you if your student is actually learning or not.

Now, educators can create better lesson plans to target each child's performance and mold them ito becoming master of academic subjects.

Apart from easy assesment, BRAG is available for you to try now -- for free.

We provide various learning tools students won’t get bored of.

Traditional classroom settings is mainstream education. Wagona Maths has however come up with an e-learning tool that is most effective when used to complement classroom education. This in turn facilitates for successful education— which is why it’s high time we innovated.

Wagona Maths has a plethora of teaching and learning tools like video, live lessons, practice tests, mock tests among others. All these will keep not only students but also teachers and parents interested in becoming the best they can be.

Of course, this makes Mathematics exciting!

You are guaranteed to be fully satisfied.

Wagona Maths gives high regard in earning the trust and confidence of our community. This includes ensuring that their investment is worth it.

While we strongly believe joining us is one of the best decisions you will have made for the future development of your child

We update our content as often as needed.

Many speculate that online education means repetitive and generic content. Here at Wagona Maths, we ensure that all our teaching materials are updated and coincide with the latest national curriculum.

Our Mathematics Diagnostic Tool , for one, contains a broad database of practice and mock tests to keep students learning, focused and stimulated. As current and useful as it can be, our Mathematics Diagnostic Tool is equipped with proven Mathematics software that helps students understand complex problems and soon, become masters at Mathematics.

We personalise each student’s study program.

Wagona Maths personalises the learning of every student, because every student is different. Every student is individually taken care of so that they can reach their maximum potential.

Included in our BRAG system are personalized study programs. These are sessions created by our experts to target each student’s level of learning. From here, lessons and tools are generated to accommodate his/her ability.

Various teaching styles will be used to take students step by step and ultimately, lead them to fully understand a subject. Their progress will be monitored daily, weekly and monthly so no student gets left behind.

We keep learning interactive through visual lessons.

Fact: The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than it does with text. This means it’s essential to have visual aids throughout a child’s learning process.

Wagona Maths understands such necessity, which is why we have video lessons that cover different topics for various academic subjects. It could be a tutorial, a lecture or even an assessment video. All these account for a more stimulating learning.

What’s more is that students receive a playlist of video lessons specially made for their individual needs. In no time, they’ll get a hang of their lessons and ace their tests.

We offer webinars that represent virtual classrooms.

Surely, there will be times students would want to feel like they are part of a class. This goes for teachers too. Not to worry as Wagona Maths offers webinars (web seminars) that stand as virtual classrooms. Pupils can participate in live lessons with others just like in a regular classroom setting— only better.

In webinars, teachers can easily give out virtual and real time lessons as well as learning materials that will help children understand their subjects more. A comfortable, convenient and effective setting, it will help students to grow with their fellow online classmates.

We make sure students have fun while learning.

School shouldn’t be equated to boredom or distaste. In fact, here at Wagona Maths, we welcome a healthy dose of horsing around— and learning while the kids are at it.

Whether it’s a pop culture quiz, crosswords or other recreational activities, we make sure educational games are part of a student’s growing process. These Flash-based activities make Mathematics and Science (among other subjects) enjoyable to learn.

We’re big on animations, engaging music and other cool features kids will find irresistible. It’s as if they’ve come to the place where learning and playing work hand in hand.

We comply with the National Curriculum.

Wagona Maths students are given the highest quality of education any parent/teacher can ever wish for.

Unlike other online Math Programs, this is the first ever that has been designed specifically to meet both ZIMSEC and GSCE standards. Made by Zimababweans for Zimbabweans!

Each of our activity is able to target every student’s learning ability. No task is wasted as each yields productive results.

Our specialized Mathematics Diagnostic Tool (MDT) is also in compliance with the National Curriculum, which is why we do not fall short of meeting standards.

We take Online Child Protection seriously.

There are a lot of threats surrounding the cyber world but with Wagona Maths you don’t have to worry. We assure you that students are safe thanks to our Child Protection Policy. This policy is based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and in line with international best practice.

First, we provide them with appropriate safety and protection measures when surfing Wagona Maths. Second, our technical support is on top of confirming parent requests.

When it comes to protecting the welfare of our children, we mean business.

We keep you updated on your child’s progress.

Parents need to know how their children are holding up in school since it can be a worrisome feeling not knowing if your kid is making progress. Not to worry because Wagona Maths provides a detailed reporting system to parents, which is a full report of your child’s performance.

We ensure that these reports contain assessments, feedbacks and other reports detailing the pupil’s achievement by grade, subject and student subgroup. If you’re worried about what others might think of your child, don’t fret. We value your privacy and care for the confidentiality parents and their kids deserve.

We let parents take the wheel.

Parental involvement is an impetus to any child’s learning capabilities. Wagona Maths knows Mums and Dads want to be more involved in shaping their children’s future. That’s why we provide parental control.

What is parental control?

  • Set the pace for your children’s learning so they won’t feel too much pressure.
  • Modify your children’s Internet use with time limits.
  • Manage your children’s activities from anytime anywhere with any Internet-ready device.
  • Make your own recommendations to Wagona Maths.

Here at Wagona Maths, we firmly believe you know what’s best for your child. Allow us to be your extra hand in maximizing your kid’s potential.

We offer a cheaper yet smarter way to better your child’s future!

Expensive education doesn’t always mean it’s the best. In fact, Wagona Maths revolutionizes the way online education works. Whether you’re a parent who’s always trying to make ends meet or one who wants a change in their child’s learning life, then Wagona Maths is for you.

No longer will you worry about overpriced tuition fees and materials that you constantly need to buy but would only use once. Opting for Wagona Maths means opting for a more affordable choice that doesn’t compromise vital education.

We have a support forum for parents who want to get more involved.

There are times when parents can’t help but feel unreliable when it comes to aiding their children in learning say, how to solve certain mathematical problems. Now with Wagona Maths, you can easily get involved in the learning process by joining in our support forum moderated by experts.

Whether you need aid on certain lessons or simply would like to relay their experience in Wagona Maths so far, trust that our support forum will be there to guide you through. In turn, you will productively lead your children to higher learning.

We are open to serve you 24/7— even during the Holidays!

Since we harness the power of the Internet, we can easily keep a log on those users who register or log in any day of the year, including Christmas. As an e-platform, our learning tools and materials are available to our members anytime anywhere.

So if you want your children to continuously learn, simply check those lessons and programs you want to access, purchase them and check out. You can then download these materials for instant use.

Trust that there are always new programs that Wagona Maths adds on a regular basis.

We send FREE e-zines to keep students, teachers and parents up to date.

It’s important that students, parents and teachers know what the latest updates and news are within the Wagona Maths community. This way, an engaging environment is emanated and maintained.

If you want to keep track of the latest school curriculum, resources, updates and even learning tips, you can simply sign up for a free e-zine and receive them regularly. The subscription steps are fast and easy since we only need basic contact information to send the e-zine to you.

You can view these e-zines online by clicking on the images below.

We offer a FREE diagnostic test of practice questions for students.

It’s easy to teach students what they should learn. The real question here is are they actually learning?

Mathematics is one of the most rewarding subjects out there. With Wagona Maths, teachers can give out mathematical diagnostic tests to gauge their students’ individual strengths and weaknesses. From here, teachers can create tailor-fit lessons that will hit the mark.

Get a feel of how these diagnostics work by trying out our FREE test comprised of practice Math questions in different levels and content strands. Simply follow the link here: .

Expert teachers set loads of mock tests to get you 100% ready for the real examinations.

As form of preparation, Wagona Maths has loads of mock tests students can get their hands on just before they take the real exams. Apart from that, here are the other benefits mock tests can provide students with:

  • Encourages good study habits and time management
  • Helps develops skills and techniques for taking exams
  • Address strengths and weaknesses

We also allow students to take part in webinars, competitions and other forums involving local schools with the constant aid of our experts. Such healthy competition always pushes our children to be better.

We give students, teachers and parents to check scores and goals online.

Wagona Maths benefits students, parents and teachers in different ways. Teachers and parents can easily set targeted goals or assign tasks for students to fulfill. Along with it are our materials (such as personalized study programs) to make sure these goals are met.

Students, on the other hand, get to see their progress online. In the form of scores, children can monitor whether or not they’re doing the best they can and growing as Wagona Maths pupils.

Transparency is what elevates relationships, which is why we make sure you know everything that’s going on.

We are one big family you can call home.

Perhaps one of the best reasons why you should choose Wagona Maths is that we are a united community whose goal is to provide the most effective and enriching educational experience to students, teachers and parents alike.

We don’t only see you as part of our team. We consider you as our family. As such, we will take care of you and give a hospitable environment for quality learning.

If you are now ready to give Wagona Maths a chance to make a change, you can learn more about us by subscribing to a full feature trial version.