About Us

Teaching and learning of Mathematics is a big part of what makes a nation’s education system highly rated the world over. We are offering a unique and highly promising opportunity for children to learn Maths the way it has never been taught by any other online platform before — one that can equal (or even surpass) that of a traditional Mathematics curriculum. We seek to debunk the myth that quality education has to be expensive. One of our key values is that education has to be affordable, enjoyable, challenging and rewarding. Our platform is not a substitute for teachers but compliments the great work that they are doing in schools sometimes with very limited resources. Wagona Maths can host thousands of subscribers who should be able to log onto the platform, take tests and get instant feedback.

Our Ethos

  • We believe Maths is more than a subject. It is an essential tool for honing a child’s critical thinking skills.
  • We also believe that every child deserves the right to mathematical education wherever they may be.
  • By harnessing the power of technology and marrying it with the discipline of Mathematics, we can strengthen a child’s chance to a secure, successful and thriving future.
  • Expensive education does not always equate to quality education. This is why we dedicated ourselves to making a difference by providing an alternative learning and teaching platform called Wagona Maths.
  • With the help of modern technology and teaching experts, we have contributed to the way e-learning works making it effective and affordable.

Our Mission

  • To provide children with a chance to become masters of Mathematics through the use of Wagona Maths — our very own online platform that exhaustively teaches the subject in a fresher and much more effective way.
  • To give children the gift of an educational platform that is both compelling and affordable.
  • To offer educators an opportunity to engage their students and to provide a platform for independent consolidation and practice.

Big Quests Limited

  • Wagona Maths is a trading name for Big Quests Limited , a United Kingdom registered company (registration number 08831986) incorporated on 6 January 2014.